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About Us

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Sounds of Silence is an initiative, straight from the heart of a chosen few who wish to fill the lives of million hearing-impaired kids across cities, borders, nations with the beauty of expression and art of communication.

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Our vision is an empowered society in which hearing & speech impaired individuals have equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of life. We envision a world in which deafness is no longer considered a ‘disability.

Our mission is to work for the development of the hearing & speech impaired community by giving them the resources they need to contribute to society, encourage green initiatives, and build digital solutions, with our efforts to establish an ecosystem that provides non-voice contact centre to replace physical customer support systems.

Our guiding principle is to treat others as you would like to be treated. Respect is the act of honoring and demonstrating regard for others. SOS is built on this respect for each individual.

Sounds of Silence (SOS) is India’s first technology based NGO, empowering the hearing impaired individuals to overcome the barriers to communication that they face, and providing them a new way to interact with the world.

SOS, is an organization working for the betterment of the hearing impaired individuals, by providing them with a platform to interact with the outer world. We at SOS, want to make a difference in the lives of these special kids by providing them with mobile phones so that they can text one another.

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Key Focus

Make Them Employable

Moving towards a Non-Voice Centre

The Hearing Impaired students, through SOS, receive a 2 month training course in each of the following domains:

Search Engine Optimization

Email Marketing

Data Entry

SOS has collaborated with several small and mid-sized companies, which are outsourcing their online marketing work to the deaf through Sounds Of Silence. This has, in-turn, provided employment opportunities to more than 50 Hearing and Speech Impaired kids across Mumbai, Delhi and Pune, who were sitting idle, out of work just a few months back.

SOS seeks more such small businesses and companies, who wish to outsource their work to us, which will thus help us in providing employment to many such hearing and speech impaired students who are trained, skilled and wish to work.

About the Founder

Mr Sumit Singh Gandhi, our founder, is our guiding source of inspiration. 

He earned his MBA from S.P. Jain Mumbai and his Executive (SPNM) certification from Harvard Business School. He received his engineering degree from NIT Surathkal, and has previously worked with GE. 

While pursuing his MBA at the SP Jain Institute of Management in Punjab, he started a non-profit organisation for a social internship programme. During this process, while on his daily commute, he used to enjoy conversing and interacting with fellow people from the NGO. One day, he happened to meet another young enthusiast, however the two of them couldn’t communicate because this individual was hearing & speech impaired. Sumit was adamant to try to communicate and devised the idea of writing a text and showing it to him. This resulted in an engrossed conversation lasting more than an hour every single day.

This incident stayed in Sumit’s mind and he decided to take this concept forward.

Founder's Speak

“Simply put, this is a premise that struck me while I was completing my social internship. SMS, texting, typing, Blackberry Messenger, Skype, or at least one of these have been a part of growing up for all urban youngsters in India and abroad. We cannot deny that all of these technological factors have helped us groom our personalities and connect us to the outside world-friends, family, colleagues, clients, and so on to a very large extent.

I’m being selfish. Not for myself, but for these children who have never had anyone teach them how to communicate in ways outside of textbooks and sign language. They’ve never had anyone to assist them in expressing themselves and feeling even remotely normal for their age.

I’m being selfish by taking the first step toward something so noble and self-satisfying. I just know that my idea is genuine, and these children can experience the world in a completely different way, just by sending a simple SMS.”

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