Challenges of Hearing Impaired Parents

Those Person who have a Hearing problem So their parents have many challenges and it becomes difficult  to talk with  Person due to they have a Hearing Problem. So it becomes a difficult job for the parents to talk with person who have a hearing Problem and its very challenging to the Parents. Basically the children use two system to communicate one with the hearing People and with the Deaf Person those children who are impaired basically they talk with them by using various signs so that they can start conversation with the person. Who can’t hear and there are also some machines available in the market those machines are basically attached to the head of the deaf person and the other part is applied to the ear so by using that he can hear and also by using various communication technology.

They can also do conversation and they can understand what the other person has to speak it can be done by using various social media sites  such as Whats app, Instagram, Facebook and many more social media sites. So the main challenge for the parents is that how to communicate with the students who has a hearing Problem.

There are many People who preferred the hearing machine but some people whose Financial condition is not good they mostly preferred training that is given to the people who have a Hearing Problem So as we say that India is a Developing country and in the medical field India is a leading country so there are many  Facilities in India for Impaired Person but they are more expensive. That’s the reason most of the People preferred training due to as we see the Population of India so there are many People who are from middle class so they preferred the training then the hearing machine.

Basically in the training they not only teach the student but also to the parents so they can interact with each other while doing communication and while doing this challenge the Parents have a one important challenge that is to take care of the children. So in these type of situation there is an important role not important but very important role of the parents as they are going to take care of the students. Those who are having a hearing problem and as we say that in every problem there is always a two person that’s not your friends that are your parents.

So with this there are many challenge that can faced by the parents of impaired person so basically for those person who have an impaired problem faced many problem in their life but there are also many facilities that are provided to them so they can be happy in their life with this they are provided by many other facilities that is those Person who have an impaired problem are also given free studies with all the stationery that is required for their studies which will make their future bright.