Qualities of an impaired person

This blog article is based on the qualities that are there in the impaired Person which can make their future bright.

There are many qualities of the impaired person which make their future bright. They have six sense due to that without any knowledge they get to know what is happening near them.

If they are taught how to work at that time they can show their qualities that are what can do for themselves and also for society.

If they are taught that is if they are given various training that is discussed in the earlier blog that then they can show their talent in front of the world.

We say that every person has some or other qualities but a person like who is impaired does not get many chances to show their qualities but there are many NGO in India who have started for the impaired person to show their qualities in front of the world.

They have many qualities such as to talk with the person by using sign language the most important quality is that if the person is blind then how did he recognize the other person that is he knows the person or not?

Well, they recognize the person by touching their hands and they feel that yes I know this person.

So this is also the main quality that is there in the person who has a disabling problem.

Some other qualities are that they take care of themselves that is instead of having a problem they are always ready to face it sometimes they got depressed but many times they are very helpful and they can do anything if the person is unknown then also they helped them in any problems.

This kind of people does not do work for themselves they do it for the other and as well as the society this is the main quality between all people.

Due to this quality, it helps them to become a great person in life.

In India, there is an NGO name Sounds of Silence that is the first technical NGO in India.

As I mentioned this NGO name in my earlier blog name Best NGO in India.

So the main purpose of creating the NGO sounds of silence was to show the hidden qualities of impaired persons in front of the world.

So that society can know the talent of the impaired person and they can also do something for the country.