Who would have thought that R-City will give its patrons such glee on just a regular Sunday? We the Sounds of Silence (Popularly called the SOS) couldn’t just stop at the World summit awards and hence this awesome weekend at R-City Ghatkopar. Claps and whistles were galore as Sounds of Silence disclosed itself spectacularly amidst a watchful R-City Sunday crowd! Kirtan,( a wonderful dance trainer and contemporary dancer) started the proceedings with a flawless entry on the Mall lobby and started grooving to some peppy beats, gathering a mighty and sporty crowd to join him in the flash mob! Not just the young ones but almost all kinds of people of all age groups joined Kirtan as he set the floor on fire. Ten…thirty…sixty and almost upto seventy people joined the event and had a gala time together, with all praises for the volunteers of Sounds of Silence having pulled off a spectacle! A couple of foreign nationals were pleased to witness the flash mob and could not stop themselves from being a part of the storming group of dancers. At the end they thanked Anisha (Event coordinator and core member) for the beautiful show and appreciated the noble cause of Sounds of Silence.. The surprise event hence was Grand and a huge success! We heard the “Seeeeti’s” coming in and that made it even more awesome. “R-city” had turned into “R-Seeeeti”. Haha! The surprise event was followed by a small dance session; a beautiful and emotional performance by the “Twins Dance Art Studio” on the number “Bezubaan” followed. SOS believes in skill of expression and dance is the best illustration of such a thing. The fun did not stop as after an emotional co-ordinated performance it was time for some fun! The troop raided the mall lobby while performing on the track “Velle” from the movie “Student of the year”. Onlookers couldn’t just resist themselves and were immersed in and attracted towards our arena.

We at SOS are really grateful to “The Twins Dance Art Studio”(Run by Shraddha Doshi and Shweta Doshi graduates from Terence Dance Academy and currently selected for India’s dancing superstars) for their amazing performance in favor of our noble initiation. Anisha wrapped up by letting people know about SOS and its fight for the noble cause of empowering the deaf and mute through youth driven education/entertainment programs and technology. What people had to say… Our volunteers spoke to some of the people around and here’s what they had to say..

Vishal: “It was awesome. I felt like I was in trance with the performance and gave me feeling of being in some place like goa.”
Harsh: “Great performance, fun to dance with so many people and a very noble cause by SOS”
Maitri: “It was awesome and thrilling to see the energy and vibes. I justt reflected your enthusiasm and freshness to bring about change” “SOS is a great initiative, it is different as I can feel more a part of it by the mobile phone contribution, by helping teaching kids, by sharing the cause online apart from just the donations. It is more Convenient for working professionals to see what they are associated with the online activities and Interactions” said one.
Karan: “Great to see the crowd participating in the flash mob apart from the dancers” SOS has helped and is helping a number of deaf and mute children face the world just like you and I do. SOS is working for a noble cause selflessly. Support us, be there the next time we take everyone by surprise. To sum up, R-city day one was a yay one!
Sounds of Silence is a leadership initiative which is aimed at freeing a million lives from the pain of silence and lack of expression. SOS is a nongovernmental organization working for the betterment of the hearing impaired children, by providing them with a platform to interact with the outer world. We at SOS, want to make a difference in the lives of these special kids by providing them with mobile phones so that they can text one another. With a young and intelligent workforce of more than 25 volunteers and core members we are spread across the Indian cities of Mumbai, Punjab, Bangalore, Pune and New Delhi empowering close to 350 underprivileged children. SOS is the winner of the WORLD SUMMIT AWARDS in the field of education and empowerment.

To donate your old working/non-working phones/ join our team/donate cash or in kind please contact us at: +91-9009579496

Or visit us at: http://www.soundsofsilence.in

You can also follow us on our facebook page at: www.facebook.com/soundsofsilenceSOS