Water is one of the most necessities for living on earth but unfortunately, we have forgotten this fact and continuously consuming it without thinking the future result. All the living organisms require water for growth and nourishment like to grow plants water is required, every bird or animal quench their thirst with water and the biggest one is the whole humankind requires water in various prospects like drinking, cleaning, washing, agriculture, manufacturing and many more.

Measured water on earth

About 71% area of the earth is covered by water which is also referred as the Hydrosphere of earth, in which 96.5% water is found in seas or oceans which are salted water and not useful for anyone. Also, 1.7% is in groundwater, 1.7% in glaciers and 0.001% in the air in the form of vapor or clouds. 2.5% of the total water on earth is fresh water in which 98.8% is ice and groundwater; thus, only around 1% is found as potable water. By seeing this calculation we can imagine how much water is available which is useful for us.

Lack of awareness about the proper way of consumption and save water among people may cause the poor situation of it in the form of less and dirty water in rivers, ponds, lakes or seas. Also, we can see that due to the increased demand for technical advancement, rivers and lakes are polluted in a huge amount all over the country. Wrong-way of discharging the impurities and poisonous chemicals into rivers may cause the disaster result in form of hazardous diseases of cholera and dengue.

Precaution is the best option:

To save life on earth we require saving water on earth as without water life is not possible here. We can do lots of efforts for the better and limited use of water:

Above were the major points that can be possible by the human efforts for saving fresh and clean water on earth. We know that a less amount of freshwater is left on earth which can be used by mankind; thus, without wasting more time we are required to be serious on this issue and do proper efforts for saving the precious gift by nature in form of water.