The Life

Life is all about thinking to live and so we are gonna talk about some facts needed to lead the life

“Mind Your Own Business”

Are you spending all your time in other people’s business? Are your energy and effort spent minding other people’s concerns?

I am not referring here to gossiping, rumor mongering or any such vice. I am referring to the thing that makes thousands of people in this country get up early in the morning, leave their families and their homes and make a mad dash through crazy traffic like it’s the end of the world.

That thing is work. More specifically, it is employment. Whether in the formal or informal sector it is the dominant activity in many of our lives throughout the world. It is a necessary evil for most of us because deep down we would rather not be working for anyone else, but somehow we accept that it is the only way to get by.

Once the paycheck arrives at the end of the month we feel relieved, though only for a little while, that we have our needs met. By the 10th of the month, the waiting starts all over again. We have to endure the rest of the month until the next paycheck.

That is a reality for a lot of people, not only in India but throughout the world. We have become slaves to our salaries. “Making a living” is killing us. It should be making our lives better

When you go to work every day, whose purpose are you fulfilling? It is the purpose of the company or organization you are working for. You are employed to help your organization achieve its objectives. If someone else took over your position they would still do the same things you do in order to achieve the organization’s objectives.

If you are working for an individual the same reasoning applies. You are working to fulfill the purpose given to you by that individual. In both cases, you are minding someone else’s business.

How to be happy – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Is your life passing you by? Are you so focused on your dreams that you are forgetting to enjoy every day to the fullest and be happy with where you are and what you have now?

If you are anything like most people that have a burning desire and vision to achieve something, you could be falling into the trap of being so focused on it that you neglect to enjoy each and every moment on your journey to attaining your goals.

I can liken it to the tourist who remarked that the country he was visiting had very nice scenery if only the mountains were not blocking the view. He did not see that the mountains were themselves part of the beautiful scenery.

How to be happy – the dilemma

So it goes that we often focus so much on our dreams and that ideal life we want to live next year or five years from now that we forget about today. Today is part of the journey of getting to your destination and today should be enjoyed as much as when ‘that time’ comes. As know that the pleasure of taking a journey is not just to reach the destination it is known to enjoy your every moment of your journey till you reach your destination.

Have you ever had the impatient feeling that you are not getting to where you want to get quickly enough and therefore find yourself not fully appreciating the here and now? It’s as though something is holding back your happiness until you get what you desire. The only problem in this scenario is that, in the meantime, you are unhappy and life is passing you by.