Facilities provided by NGOs for the Hearing Impaired

There are many newborn babies and some aged people who suffer from hearing inability in India and in the world also, so to give them financial and physical support,The government and some private Organizations Build of NGOs to support them by providing them the needs and some NGOs also provide them white collar jobs.

The SOS(Sounds of Silence) foundation has taken the initiative of helping the hearing impaired by providing social awareness and helping the deaf community.

By working for the deaf community for making a barrier-free communication between deaf people and the world.

Services Provided by the NGOs are as follows:

1.COUNSEL: They provide suggestions to the parents of the affected children of, “Howto’s” to tackle the problems effectively.Through their counseling role, they give awareness about how to help grow the child’s progress in its life.

  2.ACCESS: Accessing the child for hearing loss through audiometry tests.Basis help assessment helps the affected to learn the language and to communicate with the outer world.

3.DEVELOP: They Teach the children’s spoken and written languages, social responsibilities giving them general knowledge and some social information about the world teaching the manners things about social understanding.

4.MONITOR: Some NGOs help provide the students to help give them admission in the normal schools.They Interact with the school teachers and monitor the progress report of the children’s.But, we can also help them by giving them money i.e Donating money to the foundations, by becoming a volunteer and helping the people in giving the benefits of social welfare.

We can teach these people about giving them new things about internet and modern day world like Social bookmarking, backlinks, making blog articles, becoming freelancers. These are some of the easy and less risky and efficient ways to earn money and have a decent living. They can themselves make videos about how to learn things in their known language for other hearing-impaired people.

Empowering the hearing impaired-

The Smile foundation: The smile foundation and Ashray Akruti had joined i.e collaborated together for making NGO for the Hearing Impaired children’s it helps them to get the basic knowledge of healthy living and giving them the knowledge of generosity of how to behave and training them so that they get qualified for working in industries, the training is provided by highly trained professionals.this school has a library which contains the latest version of books and journals and Newspapers to increase the reading efficiency of the children.

The foundation helps children to get molded in the surroundings in which they go and School Trips and Field visits help a lot in this make them aware and opening the door of creativity for them to think things in different ways.

Focus:  This partnership provides a programmable environment for both the foundations and children who always try to learn new things and also helps both of them to be on the mark of having a great home as school for the children and making none other than less effort to do this it needs great effort to do this all the volunteers are really helpful and with their open heart they let the children’s love flow through them.