Just  being a  hearing impaired person makes your ‘live a normal life’ card expire for lifetime and just like that in the blink of an eye you are isolated from your own world, how would anyone of us feel? Sorry to break it to you but this is what we the so called ‘perfect humans’ are doing, always mocking and labelling handicapped people. People with hearing impairment are not at all victims. They have the same potential in them like us or even more if given the chance to breathe in the same air like us. Getting up every morning and trying to fit in your own world is far more challenging than any one of us can think of. It requires guts, confronting courage and unwavering confidence. They are not the ones who want to give up but unfortunately we are the ones who want that so that we do not have to get involved with them but it is our responsibility as humans to help them use the qualities they have to contribute to our society rather than using it to fit in their own world.

Famous people like Helen Keller and Thomas Edison in spite of being deaf were able to lead the world to new heights. They were the living examples of people who had contributed to the society to the extent you or me can never think of. And here we are calling them ‘deaf and dumb’, breaking every ounce of their will power. Who gave us this right to label them? Did we ever considered how they felt constantly being pitied, sympathized and feeling different at almost every moment of their life.

They have the potential in them, they can grow to the level we can’t imagine. People like us, you and me can make a lot of difference for them. First by clearing out our prejudices and replacing their image of victims to humans just like us in our minds. And then with little patience and kindness help them shine brilliantly in the night sky, achieving every single thing they deserve to.
Now its up to us. Do we want to be the ones pitying them on the roads or do we want to be the ones coming out of our comforting zones and finally be there for them to make them be the part of the world they deserve?

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