They say “When you are deprived of one sense, you are blessed with the other”. One of the most auspicious senses we are granted with is the Sense of Hearing and that makes us undoubtedly the most wonderful creatures on this planet since we can connect to the beautiful and melodious frequencies of this God made nature. The chirping of birds, swaying of the leaves ,rippling of water and the breeze of air makes us so much connected to the captivating echo’s of the nature!

But as it that God loves his precious and pure souls so he tends to make them brave and determined by making them devoid of this sense of hearing. The term “HEARING IMPAIREMENT” means is a partial or total inability to hear.. It may occur in one or both ears. In children hearing problems can affect the ability to learn  language  and in adults it can cause work related difficulties. In some people, particularly older people, hearing loss can result in loneliness. Deafness is typically used to refer to those with only little or no hearing. Scientifically we can enumerate a number of reasons for this kind of impairment but Morally its only and only by god’s will that these souls are picked up by him and sent on this planet to accomplish the task in the most different and unusual way. People who can really hear may sympathize with these souls but of course they can never and ever empathize the daily challenges they undergo while struggling for survival in this so “Humanity-deprived” world. Moreover, It is very easy for the normal ones to offer help and kindness but How helpless it feels of being deprived of one of the most sensitive and important sense of body, ASK THEM!

“Where there is a will, there is a way”! And these people are blessed with both the strong will and the ways to tackle and move forward in life and prove to the world that Yes! We can do it!!!!!! And To get this task done and helping them with all the required assistance there are many Non-Governmental Organizations called as “NGO’S” which dedicate their heart and soul to them so that they can live a life which is worthwhile! It’s Okay to comment that These people cannot hear and they do face hurdles in their way of goals and aims but then It’s not right to say that they cannot do it, instead they can and very well than the Normal one’s. And the term “Abnormal” is derogatory and must not be used since it is not by their will that they are made like that but instead their other senses perceptions are doubled. Of one of these Senses is the Sense of Vision which is so strongly developed in them that they can go par in excellence which we cannot even think of. You can very well assign the term “SIXTH SENSE”! And with this No matter how tedious the work is, No matter how difficult and impossible it might seem to reach their goal but They have all the abilities to do it. And Mind it! We all don’t have this! Their understanding of gestures, visuals and Sign languages is far much developed than our’s and we can comprehend hardly a fraction of it. So, Lets cheer for them and give them a chance to prove that Yes! They BELONG TO ONE OF US! Afterall, It’s all about Through the Hearing Glass! You need to SEE and they need to LISTEN!


By – Ishant Arora

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